why do we face God?

Posted on 19 Dec 2006

To wrestle with lightness and darkness, it is perhaps the highest calling of the artist... to find meaning between places of confusion, or as I like to see it, being a stormchaser: one who willingly faces chaos and brings back words and meaning...So, using the Mozart vs. Salieri story from the film "Amadeus", there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the quality of work from those who intentionally face God and those who do not. If anythi...

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You are not having sex on this stage

Posted on 14 Nov 2006

A good many of you have expressed desire for more than just music as a form of corporate/creative worship. It is something I desire as well; 99% is musical, and we're clearly bored with the status quo. I also realize that an hour a month cannot be all things--nor should it strive to be. We could pack a stage full of the most brilliant painters, sculptors, glass-blowers, seamstresses, chefs, thespians, dancers, etc., but it wouldn't necessarily ...

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Your ideal.

Posted on 6 Nov 2006

So what is your ideal worship setting and/or experience. Does anything in the previous blog resound with you? Anything sound silly?{My apologies for not having a working 'comment' section in the previous blog; still learning this blogger stuff. Do have at it here instead.}

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How this Vespers service thought began (no, I won’t start with the 6th C.)

Posted on 30 Oct 2006

[this initial post will be long]To name how this idea for a monthly Vespers service came to be, must certainly acknowledge several dozen friends, family, mentors and teachers who encouraged and inspired myself and others through shit and thin. If you are reading this, you are most likely one of them. I have so wanted to quit music and my faith over the past ten years--I am both a coward and a warrior--or, something about God the unquenchable ...

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Blog #1

Posted on 24 Oct 2006

I've decided that a new stage in my life has come upon me, and to have a place to process, wonder, and dialog with my dearest would be wise. I anticipate much of the content to concern Christ, love, art, community--there is little else under the sun, at least in my neighborhood.Regarding the title of said blog: credit is due to The Verve's paramount work, "Urban Hymns" and my aspiration to create something of a worship community here in Seattle; ...

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Protected: A late night in Lausanne

Posted on 26 Jun 2001

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