The next three minutes.

Posted on 11 Nov 2013

About a month or so after my first open mic I had another three minutes ready to go. They weren’t as polished, I was a bit inebriated and surely more nervous—stammering around more than I would have liked—but the results are similar. Set #1 had a lull in the middle that I avoided this time. Some have suggested I disclose my sexuality in order to do the “Seduction of Tom Brady” right. I rather like the freedom to be ambiguous about it and let the audience decide if I’m straight or not. A bit of the fascination is that I am not as concerned with sexuality as much as my proximity to success. Who cares if I’m gay for Tom or not, he has power and money and that is more important. Or: here are the values I am told to hold dear, and here is how I would have done things differently if given the chance. We like to imagine that if we had just made a few different choices we would have had a better life—not likely.

It is nice to be in a room dedicated to laughter.

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