Fireproof vs. Avatar

Posted on 2 Oct 2012

I'm supposed to love my enemy. Very well, let me take inventory. My immediate ancestors weren't grossly wronged by anyone (to the contrary actually), I've never given much worry to Arab terrorists, the Chinese economy, immigrants, Nancy Grace, Nickleback, Tim Tebow, that guy in Florida who threatens to burn holy books. Homophobia is an enemy of sorts. Monsanto is quite evil, but they can't hate all farmers that takes too much effort and they ...

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Being last on this list is bothersome.

Posted on 23 Jul 2012

Canada (50) Norway (44) Italy (22) United Kingdom (20) Denmark (18) Venezuela (18) France (16) Spain (16) Netherlands (16) Germany (14) Japan (14) Mexico (12) South Africa (12) Pakistan (12) Papua New Guinea (0) Swaziland (0) USA (0) *Weeks of guaranteed paid maternity leave benefit (details).

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Posted on 20 Jun 2012

Upon finally meeting her maker/engineer, our protagonist pleads her case: Why do you hate us? That one crosses my mind too.

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I used to call people faggots.

Posted on 25 May 2012

Just last week I became a proponent of marriage equality. A very tiny proponent. What the hell happened?First gay siting: The comically stupid gay bar scene in Police Academy. Homos. Gross. Creepy. To-be-avoided.My pastor said we should take our money out of Seafirst Bank because they were giving money to gay causes. There wasn't much theological or moral discussion on the matter in 1986, obviously anal sex is perverted, despicable  (Yes, just ...

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Being on this list is bothersome.

Posted on 2 May 2012

Afghanistan (2) Bangladesh (5+) Belarus (2) China (2000+) Egypt (1+) Iran (360+) Iraq (68+) Malaysia (1+) North Korea (30+) Palestinian Authority (3) Saudi Arabia (82+) Somalia (6) South Sudan (5) Sudan (7+) Syria (1+) Taiwan (5) UAE (1) USA (43) Vietnam (1+) Yemen (41+) *Countries that carried out capital punishments in 2011 according to Amnesty International.

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Nashville you’re much too safe.

Posted on 1 May 2012

My dear friend is a music director at a church here in the greater Seattle area. I asked him how he finds new music of the sacred/church variety and how he learns of concerts that may interest him. His answer was nuanced and difficult to enunciate as one would expect. He did, however, send me this gem as an example of the marketing noise I have to compete with as I hope to communicate The Opiate Mass to people such as himself. It is one of many ...

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Today in stupid intellectual property.

Posted on 24 Apr 2012

Now it is as simple as protecting the in$ightful words you use to describe your stupid product.* *I propose that the dollar sign be used to indicate sarcasm. I don't really think these words are "insightful" so I have indicated my exaggeration with the good old $. It is perhaps the most commonly mis-communicated form of speech, we need a shortcut to save us from confusion. Like when Rush called that birth-control-popping woman a slut, in his ...

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On idealism.

Posted on 17 Apr 2012

Ideals are the excuses we make to not create.

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The Christian Worship Industrial Complex.

Posted on 20 Mar 2012

They say most people don't pay attention to the lyric, well here are thousands who do; on glorious display, carving up scripture, celebrating their disdain for the planet they've been given (see Jesus). To the songwriter's discredit, he admits he is not a theologian. This humble self-awareness didn't inform his choice to base a song on the crap belief that tsunamis are blessings that remind us that "this place is not our home". This is bad ...

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I regret not seeing this band live.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012

I was too scared of industrial music for most of my youth. Too bad for me. I wonder what type of artist I would be today if I hadn't seen Hells Bells in 4th grade. I should forgive the filmmakers and my youth group for protecting me from good music.

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